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Hello there! My name is Kymo Dockett. Please help me to stop the homosexual agenda by boycotting Disney and educating millennials on the reason why biblical values should be the moral foundation of this full bio
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Let's Stop the Homosexual Agenda
In his new book, Kymo Dockett shares his quest to stop one of the biggest armies of people who are trying to push Christian values out of America. Die Trying also features 20 ways the LGBT community is destroying America and a plan to defeat the homosexual agenda. Ultimately, you will see why Mr. Dockett is willing to die trying to save the moral foundation of this nation and why you should do the same.
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Why Educate Millennials?
50% of Millennials Believe Gender is a Spectrum
74% of Millennials Support Gay Marriage
Only 2 in 10 Americans under 30 believe attending a church is important or worthwhile.
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After Buying 21 Century Fox’s film and TV assets, Disney Now Owns 27 Percent of the Film Industry: Disney is about to flood movie theaters with films featuring LGBT characters and ungodly values


Parents within the LGBT community are missing an opportunity to model biblical values before their kids. We are in trouble as a country if the number of God-fearing parents continues to decline.

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Kymo Dockett

The LGBT community is trying to destroy gender roles. They don't want you to play the role that God designed you to play.

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Kymo Dockett

In my view, White privilege is mostly a recruitment tactic that the LGBT community is using to gain allies in their fight to overthrow Christian values in this country.

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Kymo Dockett

I feel like I'm living out my faith if I denounced violence or discrimination of homosexuals in this nation. Yet, I'm also living out my faith if I'm denouncing homosexuality.

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Kymo Dockett

Helping a group of people to gain a set of rights that God never ordained them to have, like the right to get married is the biggest difference between the civil rights movement during the 1960s and the current gay rights movement.

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Kymo Dockett
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