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10 Things You Need To Know About Kymo Dockett – Kymo Dockett – Your Sexuality And Gender Expert

  1. My father predicted that I would become a great writer after reading the first book I wrote in the first grade. My parents used to call me Motown because my dad predicted that I would gain similar success in the publishing industry as Berry Gordy did in the music industry. I have not accomplished my father’s prediction yet, but I get up every day trying.
  2. I have a twin brother who looks or acts nothing like me. Yes, we have the same great parents and older sister. Overall, I had a good childhood as I have fond memories of being a St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan and playing sports.
  3. I gave my heart to Jesus Christ while in college (Fisk University). By the way, college was the best four years of my life, and I majored in both psychology and sociology. I went to Fisk University because one of my childhood heroes W. E. D. Dubois went there, and it was only 5 hours away from St. Louis, my hometown.
  4. For graduate school, I went to study social psychology at Howard University, and this is how I ended up living in Washington, D. C. I dropped out of graduate school after one year to pursue my dream of becoming a notable writer, and one of the writing projects I worked on was that I promoted Christian hip-hop for almost a decade.
  5. After I finished promoting Christian hip-hop, one of the things I did was mentoring urban youth. After I saw how the breakup of the traditional family was destroying young people’s lives, I ended up getting a master’s degree in human services marriage and family counseling from Liberty University, and I wrote five books about the importance of traditional family values.
  6. I launched a series of awareness campaigns in the spring of 2014, designed to teach our nation about the importance of traditional family values. I’m now in my sixth year of doing awareness campaigns. My passion is to help people see that biblical values should be the moral foundation of America.
  7. I quit watching the NFL three years ago after I figured out that they were fighting against religious liberty bills and helping to promote the homosexual agenda. I ended up writing a series of books called God vs. The NFL. I will never watch the NFL again, shop at Target or support Disney, based on their effort to push Christian values out of America.
  8. When I’m not writing or conducting workshops, I enjoy watching Christian movies, trying to stay in shape (bike riding) and eating pizza. I quit watching TV several years ago after I started doing awareness campaigns, so I probably can’t tell you about the latest TV shows.
  9. I often wonder why God has blessed me with the gift of singleness. I have also observed a no-kissing rule before marriage for over twenty-five years. I believe marriage is a good thing, but I am simply not in a rush to get married, and I am proud of the fact that I have never changed a diaper.
  10. I hope to travel the world to let people know some of the consequences of abandoning Christian values. And after I finish conducting awareness campaigns, I plan to open community centers that focus on teaching inner-city youth about how to be in healthy relationships with the opposite sex.

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