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About – Kymo Dockett – Your Sexuality And Gender Expert
1. Talk about 2-Minute Warning Ministries.
One of 2-Minute Warning Ministries’ primary goals is to educate people about the dangers of organizations like the NFL and Disney who are encouraging people to embrace ungodly values such as homosexuality. We also aim to teach millennials why biblical values should be the moral foundation of this nation.
2. Introduce us to Kymo Dockett, the founder of 2-Minute Warning Ministries.
I’m from St. Louis and grew up a baseball Cardinals fan. I wanted to be a writer ever since I was a child, and over the years, I have completed various writing projects, from a Christian newsletter on Howard University’s campus to promoting Christian Hip Hop. In this season of my life, I felt compelled to use my writing talents to help warn a group of companies I call the Rebel Alliance who are encouraging people to rebel against God. I also write books and conduct workshops about how the homosexual agenda is destroying this nation. I have also observed a no-kissing rule before marriage for over twenty-five years as I believe I have the gift of singleness. I currently live in Washington, D. C. and hope to travel the world to let people know some of the consequences of abandoning Christian values.
3. Why did you decide to write Die Trying: One Man’s Quest to Stop the Homosexual Agenda?
I wanted to share what I believe is my inspirational journey designed to stop the homosexual agenda. In my book, I talked about several events in my life like how I made a fool of myself when I invested three years into writing a series of books called God vs. The NFL. At the time, I thought that God was going to cause the NFL to collapse in 2018 for their part in promoting the homosexual agenda. I also have five years of failed awareness campaigns under my belt as I fought to keep biblical values from being pushed out of our nation. To top things off, I wrote Die Trying after I was unjustly laid off a job. Despite these and other struggles, I’m committed to keep fighting to promote the importance of traditional family values. The book is partially designed to encourage people to ignore their past failures, current struggles and keep trying to make a difference for God as we watch our country drift further away from God.
4. What else do you talk about in your new book?
Die Trying not only contains my inspirational quest to stop the homosexual agenda, but this book features a collection of articles I have written over the last five years. I collected my best material from the four books I wrote about the importance of traditional family values and combined them into one book. Since I wrote three books geared towards warning the NFL to stop promoting the homosexual agenda, I decided to structure Die Trying like an NFL season. Over a 20-week period, I present 20 ways the LGBT community is helping to destroy America.
Throughout this book, I also tell short stories of people whose lives have been negatively impacted by the homosexual agenda so people can get a better idea of how dangerous the homosexual agenda is. I believe people will be shocked when they learn some of the unintended consequences of our society rejecting biblical values and accepting a set of ungodly values.

5. Why is this awareness campaign so critical?
Did you know that only 2 in 10 Americans under age 30 believe attending a church is important or worthwhile? Why? The Church is losing the culture war to the LGBT community and other groups. Meanwhile, Corporate America has become a major ally of the LGBT community, as they are influencing people to move away from God by selling branded gay pride apparel, fighting against religious liberty bills, helping to sponsor gay pride events, etc.
6. Why is it so dangerous that Corporate America involves themselves in the gay rights movement?
Millennials are the first generation who grew up in our society where homosexuality became normal, partly thanks to the growing number of companies who support gay rights. At least, 74% of the people born after 1981 support gay marriage, and 50 percent of millennials believe gender is a spectrum. As the Church’s influence decline among millennials, we are about to witness even more hook up apps, a record number of people getting STDs, etc.
7. How big is this problem with organizations like the NFL and Disney helping to push Christian values out of America?
As a group, millennials think that the gay rights movement is the new civil rights movement, so they often don’t support companies if they don’t support gay rights. Because millennials have the most buying power of any generation, a growing number of companies are pandering to them by fighting for gay rights. There are about a thousand major companies who are afraid that millennials won’t patronize their company if they don’t support the homosexual agenda. As young people become increasingly pro-gay rights, expect Corporate America to become increasingly more aggressive against the Church, and the number of young people attending church to decline.
8. How can we slow down Corporate America from pushing God out of our society?
Beyond educating millennials about the importance of traditional family values, I’m helping to launch a nationwide boycott of Disney. You might be saying to yourself, “Boycotting Disney won’t work!” In my new book, I show readers how and why I’m ignoring the naysayers and trying anyway. Will I help takedown homosexual agenda or companies like Disney? I will never know unless I try! There are too many Christians who have stopped trying to make a difference. Even if I fail horribly, I plan to keep trying to warn the LGBT community and their allies to turn their hearts to God!
9. How can people get involved in your awareness campaign?
People can go to KymoDockett.com to learn more about this campaign and download free workshops designed to help teach millennials about the dangers of the homosexual agenda. We are also encouraging people to use the hashtag #disneyboycott to help promote the Disney boycott. Ultimately, if the Church doesn’t get involved in helping to stop God from being pushed out of the society, millennials will continue to grow in their disdain for the Church and their love for the LGBT community. Meanwhile, America is poised to move into a Post-Christian society if the Church doesn’t work together to end this problem.