Did you know that about a thousand major companies are working together to push God out of our society? I call these companies the Rebel Alliance. We have a great workshop available to teach you more about the Rebel Alliance (Why the Church should Boycott Disney). Below are some examples of how Disney is assisting in pushing God out of our society and why we should boycott them.
It’s Not Enough She’s Marvel’s First Leading Female Superhero, Now SJWs Want Captain Marvel To Be Gay – dailywire.com – March 25, 2019
Mary Poppins Returns’ director says family film sequel should address LGBT ‘rights’ – Lifesite-March 28, 2019

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ABC Airs Videos on New Show Too Indecent for ‘AFV’ – ww.afa.net – MARCH 18, 2019

Marvel Producer Says The World Is Ready For An LGBT Superhero –Cinema Blend – March 7, 2019

Disney Paris to Host First Ever LGBT ‘Magical Pride’ Parade – CNSNews – February 18, 2019
Please consider using the #disneyboycott to let people know why you have decided to boycott one of the chief members of the Rebel Alliance.